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by Anh-Minh Le

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again - that's exactly what Sindhu Peruri did and her persistence paid off.

In 2004, she walked into the Woodside office of what was then the Miller Dolezal Design Group and inquired about job openings. The firm was hiring a senior designer, but Peruri had no industry experience. "Bob (Miller) was still kind enough to give me an interview," she recalls of the principal designer and owner. "After listening to my pitch, he politely turned me down." 

She sent him two e-mails every 15 days as well as called him with ideas. Miller was impressed enough to create a junior designer position for Peruri... 

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by Mary Jo Bowling

The ability to create and furnish a home from the ground up is a dream for most designers, and for Sindhu Peruri of Miller Design Company in Woodside, the fantasy became a reality when she and her husband bought a narrow lot holding a dilapidated old house in Los Altos. The house came down, and in its place Peruri created a home tailored to the needs of her family and influenced on a global scale by everything from traditional Indian cooking to midcentury modern style.

"We wanted the living room to feel more expansive, so we opened it to the lot outside with a folding glass door," says Peruri, a principal at Miller Design Company. "When the door is open, there's a 28-foot-long portal at one end of the room." The tradition of Diwali, a five-day festival in the Indian culture, also drove the indoor-outdoor design. "Diwali takes place in October or November, and we always have a party," says Peruri. "The weather is nice at that time of year, so...

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