The Post Restaurant & Bar

A dilapidated restaurant and consignment store used to reside in this 100 year old historic building at the coveted corner of First and Main street in charming downtown Los Altos. The Post Restaurant and bar is the new and stylish result of the two combined spots and sprawls almost 5000 sq. ft. Peruri Design Company was hired for the complete redesign of its interiors. The first order of business and owner’s priority was to create a mega bar area with a lot of seating.

We chose to work with sandblasted Douglas Fir and black Steel elements to create the bar. We think it’s chic. The countertop is made from Dekton for it’s resilience. Wainscoat panels are custom designed as we wanted a twist on this classic element and splashed them with a rich Blue hue. Warm Grey tones, neutral colored walls and cool light fixtures round out the mix. If you’re ever in Los Altos, stop by for a bite or a drink. My favorite is the cauliflower wings. Yummy!