3 Ways on How to Add Texture in your Home

During my trip to San Francisco’s Fog Fair, put on by SFMOMA, there was a consistent theme that caught my eye…. Texture.  Texture plays a large role in design and elevates a space from ordinary to absolutely stunning.   This made me think of three ways texture can be applied to your home design.  


When you are working with a solid or dark color, like black, go for texture so that way it adds dimension and interest.  Black is hard as a stand alone color; It’s hard to notice detail.  If there is a heavy texture element next to a dark or solid color it looks cool.


I recommend adding texture to furniture.  For example a table edge or chair.  Search online for hammered furniture.


Texture creates depth, because it is not a flat surface and turns it multidimensional. 

Damien Hirst     

Damien Hirst